Monday, May 30, 2011


 Who didn't love these as a kid?! (I still do!)

I was sitting in the car today on my way home from Traverse City trying (emphasis on this particular verb) to read this awesome book by John and Stasi Eldridge called Captivating. Submerged in irony because I was trying to focus on Stasi and her skillfully and creatively conveyed opinions on the soul of women and the essence of what true beauty really is.... and.... I'm sitting next to an 8 year old (Nadia) noisily licking an oversized lollipop (and on purpose, I suspected) and secretly farting thinking no one could hear (or smell) her. I had to laugh inside, despite being grossed out, because little did that football-jersey-clad, frog-catching, no-frills, candy-smacking-little-girl realize, she is created with a soul that desires romance, a heart that represents the femininity and emotional side of of God, and pores that radiate the essence of sheer beauty.

This kind of wiring is easily noticed in lots of little girls. The ones who spend hours playing tea party, dress up in their mother's old high heels, and about explode with giddiness at the sight of anything remotely pink and glittery. Nad's twin sister, Ally, is the poster child for the classic "Girly-girl." She is never without her charm bracelet (rainbow to be exact), outfits splashed with butterflies, and some sort of sparkly paraphernalia. But Nadia, though maybe matching in DNA, is a complete opposite in character. 

At first I saw her behavior and lack of "frilliness" as a stand of defiance against beauty. That being a tom-boy meant femininity was all about jewelry, high heels, and dresses and was therefore ridiculous. But, as I started reading Captivating, God began revealing Nadia's unique and special beauty that defines His diversity and ever-expanding depth of feminine and emotional and feeling character. 

Nadia's beauty is fearless. 
She is never afraid to try something new, or conquer a goal. If she wants something, she fights for it, whether winning a go-kart race, or catching a pesky frog (we caught 2 up north, I'm proud to say!).
Her beauty is joyful. 
Her face is always painted with a mischevious smile, dimples as deep as craters finding pleasure is every activity. She never complains. She never loses her exuberance.
Nadia's beauty is encouraging.
She's a life giver, unashamedly making new friends and grabbing their hands and saying "I want you on MY team!" She makes everyone around her feel wanted and special and encouraged. 

Nadia is beautiful.

God is glorified through her beauty and she doesn't even know it. She doesn't even have to try because she just is! It's in her make-up. She can make a sour face at every dress, tie up her beautiful long-brown hair, lick goldfish off of her fingertips and yet, she still can't hide the beauty God created her to be.

God is so insanely wonderful. He uses everything to encourage, teach, and grow. I've been wrestling with the whole idea of beauty and value recently; trying to understand where beauty comes from, what it's definition is and what it is not, and how beauty has been taken, twisted, and enslaved into this carbon-copied-Barbie-doll puppeteered by the media (Satan's stomping grounds). Stasi put in perfectly in her book when she described how women feel that they are "not enough and too much at the same time. Not pretty enough, not thin enough, not kind enough, not disciplined enough, not gracious enough. But too emotional, too needy, too strong, too sensitive, too opinionated, too messy. The result is Shame." I too, have an ongoing battle with these lies we all secretly struggle with. I've winced at photos of myself, I've spent too much time in front of the mirror, I've tried diets and exercisizing to achieve that so-called "perfect body", I've dressed myself up to cover up the insecurity in my heart, or worst of all: I've believed that my beauty was only worth how many guys valued me... No value is incorrect. Desired (or lusted after) is more like it. 

But through all this mess of the ever-going war of beauty and self-worth that Satan longs to destroy women over, God brings little blessings like precious Nadia to remind me of the many forms and personalities of beauty. Nadia, with her dirty tennis shoes on her feet and her face covered in slimy lollipop revealed one of the most special and tender moments with God I've ever had. He reminded me, that beauty, above all else, is in Him. That we as girls, no matter what shape, size, color, height, age, or social status, are created to carry the beauty of our LORD GOD. What a blessing!! Why do we cheapen ourselves? Why do we question our worth? We are all made FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY by a Master Creator. We are all Beautiful. 

Just a thought,
<3Katie (:

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  1. Katie! I love your postings! I smiled the whole way through them :) Very nice...please keep it up!

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